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December 24th: Celebrating Golden Goals of Yesteryear

It's the In The Top One advent calendar.

Stephen Gulbis

It looks like JOHN ROBERTSON is finally getting the recognition he obviously deserves. Everyone in Nottingham knew how good he was. Most in Liverpool did too. Word is now spreading.

Was he that good? Yes. In fact better than that. John McGovern knows a thing or two about footballers:

When I try to tell people how good he was it can be difficult because it was over 30 years ago. So what I generally say is: ‘You know a few years ago there was a guy called Ryan Giggs who played until he was 40 and was regarded as one of the best left-wingers of all time? Well, John Robertson was like Ryan Giggs but with two good feet, not one.

That good? Yes. that good. Here's a longer piece celebrating one of Nottingham Forest's finest players.