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December 23rd: Celebrating Golden Goals of Yesteryear

It's the In The Top One advent calendar.

Clough to Crosby and back into NEIL WEBB, making a perfectly timed run from midfield to sweep in a goal before Frank Lampard or even David Platt knew what a goal scoring midfielder was.

Webb plundered 47goals in 146 appearances in his first stint at Forest after signing from Portsmouth in 1985. He also returned in 1992 to add another 3 goals to his tally.

Labelled 'Fat Wallet' by the excellent 'Brian' fanzine back in the day after departing for Manchester United, Webb was an elegant midfielder under Brian Clough and weaved some beautiful football with Clough, Crosby and Pearce.

He also wore these superb Nike Eurostrike boots for a period:

Here he is sweeping one in against Liverpool...alway highly enjoyable: