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Forest 2-1 MK Dons

Four consecutive home wins and confidence starting to flow. What could possibly go wrong? Ah yes...yet another injury.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

It seems that every silver lining has a cloud for Forest as although the team chalked up a fourth consecutive home win - making those tedious away points gained at Wolves and Blackburn look pretty decent - the almighty injury gods decreed it that the consistent and tenacious Daniel Pinillos would limp off towards the end of this encounter. It's taken so long to find a solid left back but then to take it away with nothing so much as a replacement for such an injustice is enough to provoke one to shake a fist in the general direction of these gods that spite and toy with us. To this untrained eye, a cruciate injury would be the logical conclusion and if so, brace yourselves for news of yet another long term lay off.

It all started so glorious and unexpectedly with Nelson Oliveira rifling in from an acute angle with the clock yet to hit 3:02. Forest started brilliantly and when Ryan Mendes converted a scruffy second, thoughts turned towards making serious inroads into the goal difference tally.

But MK Dons were exactly what the home side anticipated: tidy, neat, quick to move the ball on the floor and, fortunately for Forest, lacking a cutting edge up front. Karl Robinson's team enjoyed a better pass completion, a higher tackle success and more possession but sometimes that isn't enough - especially in the hurly-burly world of Championship football. Indeed, it wasn't until Pinillos' injury that the away side really started to make Freedman's side sweat - and not in a good way.

Dorus De Vries strengthened his claim for player of the season in conjunction with voice most akin to that of a foghorn with his excellent save from Nicky Maynard's penalty. But there was nothing he could do about Josh Murphy's intricately worked goal on on 81 minutes to make for a bum twitching finale to this game for the home side.

Freedman's tactical withdrawal of the hard running Oliveira on 84 minutes did nothing to ease the pressure as his team were reduced to hoofing the ball long to a static Chris O'Grady. Nonetheless, the bright start turned out to be enough to claim the points. He was rightly pleased:

But what really pleased me was the start to the game we made. We got two goals, could have got three in the first 20 minutes had Nelson put away another chance.

Nelson has that cutting edge and he is only going to get better for us.

As for Karl Robinson, he will hope that the style of play in which he preaches eventually provides more tangible reward:

I thought we were the best team, beyond our mistakes in the first half.

I thought we dominated territorially. We created chances. The difference is when you have the kind of quality players that Forest do playing against you.

But we have pushed them hard by playing good passing football, not by lumping the ball into the box or kicking them.

I am proud of the way we came to Forest and played. I did think we were going to get something out of the game. Our substitutions made us stronger.

Firmly ensconced in mid table, Christmas can duly be enjoyed with a sense of satisfaction.