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December 19th: Celebrating a Golden Goal from Yesteryear

It's the In The Top One advent calendar.

Signed from Grantham Town, GARY CROSBY was in many ways the archetypal Brian Clough player: plucked from nowhere? Tick. Comfortable on the ball? Tick. Brave in always wanting the ball? Tick. A nice young man of whom your mother would approve with neat hair? Big tick.

152 appearances for the club between 1987 and 1994, yielding up 12 goals, tells only a part of the story. A deciding goal against Birmingham City at St. Andrews in the FA Cup quarter finals in 1988 (and lead to THAT game at Highbury and THAT goal) lit up an otherwise dark and violent day.

Of course, 'Bing' (youngsters, take a moment then ask the rents) will probably always be remembered for his cheeky goal against Manchester City but take a look at this - the interplay between him and his close mate Nigel is enough to make a grown man weep in delight. If Denis Bergkamp had scored this, a thousand posters, pieces and maybe even a statue would have been born. THIS is the definition of 'impudent'.

You've seen this a million times but once more won't hurt: