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Preview: Forest V MK Dons

Ahead of today's festive fixture at the City Ground, we grabbed Brando from The Moo Camp, threw him on the grill and politely asked him to respond to some questions. Which he did.

Pete Norton/Getty Images

There's no two ways around this - it's not going well on the pitch for you thus far. A bright start gave way to a miserable September with only sporadic and fleeting bright moments. Have you been unlucky or is it as bad as it looks?

It may not be going all that well, but it's not going too much worse than any realistic expectations.  We have a weaker side than the one we got promoted with; we don't have the resources to do much about that, so we need to have realistic expectations. I think pretty much everyone we've played has had a single player who cost more than our entire squad, some many times over.

I wouldn't say we've been unlucky as such, but we've been better than our results would suggest for large parts of games. We've let ourselves down on occasions with sloppiness at the back, we've switched off at times, and we've not taken chances when we've had them.

Having said that, we've had a recurring theme of opposition fans saying we're the worst team they've played this season, and though none of them have thoroughly turned us over, there may be some truth in that.

Is it the case that you'll come to our place, knock it around neatly and purposefully but then shoot yourselves in the foot?

That's a lovely description - quite possibly. We've got some of the highest possession stats in the league, but it's not enough on its own, though I do think that's partly why nobody has really turned us over in the league.   We're coming to you off the back of a hard-fought but thoroughly deserved victory against Sheffield Wednesday, and if we play like we did on Tuesday, you'll have a game on your hands. Some of last season’s swagger was on display, and it was great to see.

Matthew Upson? He played one very inglorious game for us once on loan. Remember Gareth Edds too? Anyway, who is offering you brief hope of a revival and likely to get right up our noses on Saturday with a decent display?

Upson has looked very good when fit, but hasn't been fit much.  Gareth is still a god round these parts, and always will be - he kept us up with the last kick of the season once, plus The MooCamp used to sponsor him back in the day.

We have a number of potential matchwinners who can turn a game in our favour, but for a number of them it's not clicked yet this season.  Carl Baker scored a fantastic goal on Tuesday, and showed signs of finding his feet, Rob Hall is starting to look dangerous, Josh Murphy shows great potential at times.  Nicky Maynard looks like he might turn out to be the striker who actually bags a few goals for us, which is where we've really struggled. 101 goals last season and just a handful this season.  If Ben Reeves can stay fit, he'll be a thorn in pretty much everyone's sides too.

About your history and all that seems like there is a generation of MK Dons supporters who simply enjoy having a community-minded and family friendly football club to support. Is that the case? How do you handle the 'other stuff'?

The club have done very well in the local community, which all bodes well for the development of the fanbase.  The family friendly bit annoys some of our support, as they think it somehow diminishes us, but to my mind, the kids who come along with their families now will have the club in their veins and will be leading our support in ten or fifteen years time.

We thrive on the 'other stuff'. We've been brought far closer together as a fanbase by all that stuff than would ever have happened without it.  Outside of the occasional visits of the Kingston lot, there really isn't much of it in the real world though. The online stuff is generally ill-informed and laughable, and that's what happens usually - we laugh at it.  We do a radio show that often ends up doing little else.

Give us a reason you'll win:

Because we play great football at times, and when it clicks, which it did on Tuesday, we're a match for anyone.

Give us a reason you'll lose:

Because we switch off defensively at times, and don't take our chances up front.

Thanks to Brando from The Moo Camp - an excellent website. You can follow them here.