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December 16th: Celebrating Golden Goals from Yesteryear.

It's the In The Top One advent calendar.

Few players scuttled about with as much purpose as STEVE HODGE in a red shirt.

Born locally and picked up by the club as a youth, Hodge (or Harry) played for the club 123 times between 1980 and 1985, scoring 30 goals in the process, including two very special goals against the highly dubious Anderlecht in the first leg of the UEFA Cup semi final at the City Ground.

He was sold to Aston Villa before eventually returning in 1988 for three very successful years during which he visited Wembley more times than a specialist in large arch cleaning. Villa fans remain rather displeased with him but he remains the recipient of a wealth of goodwill in Nottingham where he can regularly be heard as a pundit on Radio Notts greeting opposition goals with a resigned and rather sad, 'yes'.

He also represented England 24 times and famously punted the ball up the air for someone to punch in.

Here he is scoring a brace at Cold Blow Lane.