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December 14th

It's the In The Top One advent calendar.

Signed from Foggia on the eve of the 1994 World Cup, BRYAN ROY was an exciting capture and put grins on the faces of Forest fans while the World Cup played out in USA without the English team.

He had pedigree, having risen through the ranks at Ajax and then developed his trade in Serie A. By the time he arrived Trentside, he was pretty much the final piece in the jigsaw that would propel the club to 3rd in the Premier League. He formed a potent partnership with strike partner Stan Collymore - even if they pretty much detested the sight of each other - and for such a coltish and slight thing, packed a powerful punch of a shot.

He glided over the turf, scoring scoring 24 goas in 85 appearances before leaving for Hertha Berlin as the this dynamic side built by Frank Clark started to break up. His second goal against Leeds United here is testament to his powerful and true left foot.

Here's a cheeky little goal against Sheffield Wednesday too: