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December 13th

It's the In The Top One advent calendar.

No two ways about, STAN COLLYMORE was simply brilliant in a Forest shirt.

Signed in 1993 from Southend, he led the club from a ropey old start to life outside the Premier League to promotion and then on to a barely believable - and often forgotten - 3rd place finish in the top flight.

It wasn't a one man team - Collymore was more than ably supported by some excellent players - but there are occasions when he had the look of a man who had just about had enough of his team mates faffing around and simply decided to end the charade of not winning by demanding the ball and marauding upfield to score a goal. Indeed, according to one team mate, this is pretty much what he did in a game at West Brom, and this after a very late night previous to the game.

His Nottingham Forest showreel is a thing of beauty, leaving the viewer having to be told to do something about their tongue that is lolling around outside of their mouth. This goal is a beauty though, and not just for the finish. Stuart Pearce's measured ball, Bryan Roy's pass and boom, the ball is inside the Old Trafford goal in a matter of seconds from back to front, one of Stan's finest in 65 appearances.