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Forest V Notts County - 1953

Joins us for a trip back to 1953.

From the vaults of British Pathe, here is 3 and a half minutes worth of footage documenting Forest's narrow victory over the bunch from over the river.

The commentary is every bit as formal and plummy as you'd expect - but no less delightful for it. Particularly lovely is the advertising hoarding over the halfway line on what is now the Brian Clough Stand - not sure what or where 'Wiiiiatt's Vaults' is but since they specialise in 'beers, wines & spirits', it's a place that sounds most welcoming.

There's a crunching challenge on the Notts goalkeeper to enjoy, dangerously placed photographers and more flat caps that you can throw your flat cap onto.

Grab yourself a beer, some wine or some spirits, sit back and enjoy.