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Preston Perspective

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Dave Seddon of the Lancashire Evening Post was generous and kind enough to offer a Preston perspective on Forest's performance.

Harry Trump/Getty Images

I'll be honest, Forest were by far the better side in the second half.

We got the early goal, scruffy rebound after keeper blocked a shot. That came on the break after Osborn had gone one-on-one with our keeper with a little over a minute gone

Then we had a couple of chances to increase the lead, Garner put a header inches over.
As the first half went on, our passing became poor and Forest counter-attacked very well.
Mendes was the best player on the park by a long chalk but might have picked up another knock leading to him being subbed.

Forest had all the play second half without really threatening the Preston keeper.
Grayson used the old cliché that we have played better than that and not won this season. He's right.
Freedman was saying 'bring on Derby', seemed pleased with the performance, if not the result.

So there you have it. It seems like yet another game in which the team had decent spells but just couldn't get the points chalked up on the board. Dougie continues to express satisfaction with the performance too and as you are all aware, brushed off suggestions that the club might be getting dragged into a relegation fight.