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Advent calendar warm up

It's VERY NEARLY the In The Top One advent calendar. Here's a brief taste of what's in store to mark the countdown to Christmas. Each day there will be celebration of a much loved Forest player and a goal upon which you can feast your eyes. Since he's so special, CHRIS COHEN gets a day even though it's not quite December yet.

David Marples

From disaster and destruction comes hope.

Following the traumatic defeat to Yeovil Town in the play-offs, Forest promptly snapped up chief tormentor Aaron Davies and some other chap by the name of Chris Cohen. Davies flattered to deceive but Cohen set about establishing himself as an industrious midfielder with an engine smoother than velvet and a touch of quality to boot.

That was back in 2007 and since then, Cohen has made 235 appearances, scoring 12 goals in the process. Not many but when he does score, it counts double.

Numerous serious injuries have curtailed his career but it is more appropriate to associate him with those glorious moments that he has provided. In many ways, he has been the heartbeat of the team since his arrival and what's more, he seems like an extremely nice young man to boot. You get the feeling Brian would have approved.

There was nary a dry eye in the house when he did this soon after sustaining a serious injury against the very same team: