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Black Friday

Roll up. Roll up. Get yer Forest based merchandise in for Christmas presents. Or not. Whatever.

David Marples

It's Black Friday today...whatever that means.

As far as can be surmised, it's an American thing whereby electrical stores pretend to slash prices significantly in an effort to make us doofus consumers buy stuff that we think we need but actually don't. Like most American things, we've imported the concept lock, stock and stars and stripe themed barrel and now it's very much a 'thing'.

By now, you'd have thought us slow of learning Brits might have learned a trick or two about peddling stuff to the masses. Not at the Club Shop it seems.

With two excellent products in the shape of the film and the book, 'I Believe In Miracles', to be flogged to us, you'd expect to be tripping over the damned things as soon as you walk in to the store. A large cardboard cut out of one of the Miracle Men  - perhaps Kenneth Burns - propped up next to a Billy bookcase oozing with the books and DVDs, menacingly staring down at the poor consumer, daring them to walk past and not scoop at least 16 of them into a basket is something like what the unassuming fan might expect upon entry. Not here though.

Quietly and discreetly placed on a modest unit are some books - no fanfare though. What's more, there are no DVDs to be spied in the place whatsoever.

To be clear here, the Club Shop has some great products and on occasions, some even better sales. The 'With the Gods' range of t shirts are excellent and if you want a Forest replica shirt then it's as good a place as any. The 'Art of Football' merchandise is magnificent too. But it does seem a little odd that the film, which was Premiered at the City Ground, is not available to buy. Neither are those mugs designed by Pete McKee. To get your grubby mitts on these bad boys you have to take a trip to the Tourism Centre in town. Of course you do.

This may well sound like a petty little gripe against the club. Admittedly, 'consumer product placement' or 'maximising growth' or even 'flogging stuff' are topics that I know little about (there are numerous others too), but surely it would make sense for the Club Shop to be piling the book and the DVD and the mugs and the T shirts dangerously high next to the till like they do Hubba Bubba or tic tacs at the supermarket.

It may sound spurious too but some have criticised the Club for their handling of the Miracle Men signing event last Thursday whereby people were prevented from queuing up less than halfway through the two hour event. Retrospect is a magnificent thing but surely large numbers should have been anticipated and could have been catered for with a little more nous, savvy and organisation.

At the time of writing, the DVD sits snugly in 10th position in the Official UK Sales Chart. The book has been received very favourably by numerous critics. Of course we can get these things delivered to our door and most of us have probably already thumbed the pages down to pulp and worn out the laser in the DVD player. Maybe there's a copyright hurdle to be cleared.

The simple sentiment here though is that it's a bit of a surprise that the book is far from prominent and the DVD is absent in the Nottingham Forest Club Shop.