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Preview: Forest V Hull City

We spoke to Rick Skelton in order to get the word on the street about Hull City.

Harry Hubbard/Getty Images

You boys are quietly doing quite well on the sly aren't you? How so?

RS: It’s been a reasonable start given all the upheaval of the summer. However there’s still a feeling around here that we’re underachieving. That’s probably a combination of long-standing disappointment in the manager over the performances that led to such a needless surrender of our PL status and also the belief that the individuals we have left are much better than the teams we’re coming up against. 

We do know it’s never that easy in the Championship as many have found before. Sitting fourth isn’t that bad, certainly better than doing a Bolton or Fulham! 

Michael Dawson...he's just great isn't he? 

RS: Wonderful. We were lucky enough to have his brother (and another Forest youth product) Andy at left back for ten years. Andy will always be a City legend but Michael is a better player. He’s a fantastic leader and still a really good defender. I’m surprised someone didn’t come in for him in the summer. 

Who should we be touch right to and be especially bloody wary of?

RS: Our main threat comes down the right hand side through Ahmed Elmohamady and Moses Odubajo. Elmo hasn’t been at his best this season but even at 50% he’s better than most. These two have pace, stamina and crossing ability and can get up and down the right hand side all game. When they click, teams had better start worrying. 

Look forward to your visit to the City Ground? You usually do quite well here to be fair. 

RS: I think we’ve won on our last three visits since we started playing each other again. Forest was one of the grounds we really looked forward to in recent seasons, along with Everton, because it had been donkey’s years since we played either of you. So far, it’s been a great ground for us. It’ll be great to see Jack Hobbs again and Super Matty Fryatt if he’s fit.

Matty Fryatt is never fit. Ever.

Give us a reason you will win:

RS: We’ve got 17 very good players. 

Give us a reason you will lose:

We’ve been rubbish away from home. We go into away games worrying about the opposition instead of the other way around. Anyone who can manage to lose at Charlton is going to struggle anywhere!

Rick runs the marvellous Hull City website From Boothferry to Wembley and we are grateful to him for helping us out with this. Thanks Rick.