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Trees on the TV

It's a full 32 years to the day since ITV treated us to their first live TV game.

Martin Rose/Getty Images

1983 is a foreign country, they do things differently there.

For starters, both teams have the decency and wherewithal to be sporting top notch kits. Le Coq Sportif have always been underrated as a kit manufacturer and it's great to see them making inroads back into the market. Even Glenn Hoddle looks cool in that get-up. This particular Forest kit is comfortably in the Top Five too.

The game? Well, it was all going so well. Colin Walsh gave Forest a first half lead thanks to some sterling work down the right flank from Viv Anderson. But then Gary Stevens and Steve Archibald went and spoiled the whole Sunday by notching second half goals.

The TV coverage is a treat too - the graphics are a delight in their amateurish GCSE grade Dness. Post game, Jim Rosenthal hangs things together like the consummate, albeit rather unnervingly weird, professional that he is while Greavise smiles obliviously at events going on around him. Douglas Alexiou looks like he's just stepped out of a 1950s gentleman's club but adds more than a dash of enthusiasm to proceedings, contrasting greatly with Jim and Jim's overwhelming brownness.

This particular observer distinctly remembers watching this game on the box and having a bit of a hissy fit at Archibald's late goal. He remains defiantly and gloriously unforgiven.