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Starter for Ten

Michael Shaw stepped forward to evaluate the season with ten games down.

Jan Kruger/Getty Images
Head in hands moment: The inevitable League Cup defeat at the hands of Walsall, particularly after managing to equalise in stoppage time and still lose before the final whistle.

Why it's all going to be alright: We have sold Michail Antonio but the sky hasn't caved in. In fact, whisper it, we look better as a team when we don't concentrate all our energies into getting the ball wide to him and expecting him to do everything on his own.

Why it's all going to go horrifically wrong: Our ability to pick up injuries is truly remarkable. We aren't far off having a full XI unavailable again and given our squad is paper-thin in parts, we can ill-afford a spate of absences.

Get something off your chest: Stop defending 1-0 leads from the beginning of the second half. Yes, we were a touch unlucky at Huddersfield but if you invite pressure then the chances are that you'll concede. Dropped points from winning positions, especially away from home could be the difference between having something to play for in April and just watching on while everyone else has all the fun.

Will Dougie last the season? I sincerely hope so, we need some stability and given the circumstances he is doing the job under we aren't doing too badly at all. He looks to have recruited well and deserves a crack at things next summer when he can target the players he really wants, rather than just those he can sign under the embargo.

Finally, which is best: this year's yellow away kit or last year's white away kit? Yellow. So much so that I have bought some yellow and blue Adidas gazelles to pay homage to it. (Excellent trainer buying skills - Ed).