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Liam Trotter linked with a loan move

With Liam Trotter linked to a loan move to Forest, we picked up the red phone and dialled our pals at the Bolton website Lion Of Vienna Suite with the burning question - why?

Paul Thomas/Getty Images

Football truly is bizarre. One minute you’re sat at home with the Mrs pretending to be interested in this bloody Kardashian programme, and the next your mind is ablaze with possibilities – all this came about following a tweet which informed the world that Bolton Wanderers’ Liam Trotter is on the brink of a loan move to Nottingham Forest.

It’s unbelievable.

Trotter has been at Bolton since 2014, and has scored twice in 30 appearances – mostly from the bench – and it should perhaps come as a surprise to nobody that it is a certain Mr D Freedman who has rescued him from his first-team exile.

He has a somewhat languid style which someone once compared to a man walking through quicksand with a fridge on his back.

Not particularly good on the attack or in terms of defensive work, it is difficult to see what, apart from having worn the white shirt, has attracted Dougie to the man.

I can’t pretend to understand, and I can’t pretend to be that ‘up’ on Forest’s current position to really understand where he would potentially fit in, but to be honest I put this one down to a case of Freedmanism.

Trotter’s contract expires at the end of the season and whilst he is reportedly one of the lowest earners in our squad, it is difficult to imagine us bringing in anyone of note with the money saved.

Still, if it means one less duffer off our books then that’s fine by me. He has been a fixture in the reserve team of late, with his last first team appearance a distant memory.

Football truly is bizarre.