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Looking ahead to Forest V Hull

Forest welcome Hull City to the City Ground on Saturday. To mark such an occasion, we remember Michael Dawson and various bands originating from Hull.

Who wants to go to Flamingo Land? Michael Dawson does.
Who wants to go to Flamingo Land? Michael Dawson does.
Tony Marshall/Getty Images

Hill City are one of those clubs that inspire a bit of a shrug and an attitude of 'couldn't care less' amongst Forest fans. This is mostly down to our recent head to head record since Forest have claimed a miserly two wins from the last 10 games in a run stretching back to 1975.

In recent years, Hull seem to be rather obdurate opponents, like a large boulder wedged into the ground that simply won't be moved in order for you to make space for a garden shed. It can be shifted but only after hours of physical struggle and pain...and a bit of luck.

Of course, this is an opportunity to welcome Michael Dawson back to the City Ground. Back when he first appeared as a coltish young man, commanding the defence with an authority that belied his years, he was truly loved. His ability to ping balls out from the back to the feet of the wide men was particularly impressive but at the same time, he seemed to be the sort of defender who loved to defend - to head the ball or kick the ball away. After all, such things are precisely what a defender is there to do. In some ways, he was the cogito ergo sum of defenders with a sprinkling of Franz Beckenbaur and a dash of Matthias Sammer about him.

Such claims might well be overcooking it a little but he truly loved playing for Forest and was a lynchpin of the defence alongside Des Walker in the 2002-03 playoff season. Here he is scoring his first senior goal and emphatically proving that he could indeed do it on a rainy Tuesday night at Stoke:

He even went as far as slumming it by sitting amongst the away fans on a cold and miserable evening fixture at Leicester City. All in all, a very nice young man.

He enjoyed a largely successful period with Tottenham Hotspur after leaving Trentside with Andy Reid -  a deal which went a long way towards fending off various creditors demanding their money back from the club. But eventually, those pinged balls out from the back sailed higher and higher over the wingers' heads and he now finds himself back in the Championship.

Nonetheless, welcome back, Michael. It will be good to see you again.

But there's more to Hull City than Michael Dawson.

Hull boasts a particularly decent track record when it comes to music. Of course, we all know about the fine band that is The Housemartins and it would be remiss not to remind you about Paul Heaton's underrated voice. But you've seen the video for 'Happy Hour' a million times before. Selecting a solitory Housemartins song is akin to choosing one's favourite Stuart Pearce goal: a herculean task in its difficulty - they're all stupendous in their own way. But after much thought, there is no finer example of Heaton's cracking pipes than this - I defy you not to belt out 'I will see you through' when Paul requests that he hears the choir:

But let's give a shout out to some other Hull bands too: Everything but the Girl, Roland Gift, The Paddingtons and Kingmaker. It would be remiss to omit Throbbing Gristle from such a list too.

Enjoy this trip back to the 90s. Remember Paul King? He of the band - King? Oh, come on.

Here are The Paddingtons:

Finally, if you manage to watch every second of this and see it through to the bitter end, the pint's on me: