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Match preview: Forest v Sheffield Wednesday

Oh boy, here we go again. We spoke to Sheffield Wednesday fan, blogger and Sheffield Star columnist Laura Jones about the game on Saturday...

Phil Cole/Getty Images

Nick Miller: You join Forest at a point of great despair. It's all going quite wrong and it looks like our beloved Stuart Pearce might be given the heave-ho, possibly even if you win on Saturday. Will you be gentle with us? Please?

Laura Jones: Oh we're very good at ending bad runs for other teams so I wouldn't worry yourself too much. We might be knackered after the Manchester City match so we're giving you a chance. I see you've managed to get around the transfer embargo by the charitable Sky Transfer fund.

NM: The Football League: where not only is a transfer embargo not a transfer embargo, but we'll give you a raffle prize to help out too. Looks like we might've got the second-best Chelsea loan of the week though - this Lewis Baker looks handy. Is he going to play?

LJ: Love a good raffle. At least you got Todd Kane and not some lavender scented talcum powder. Sounds like Lewis Baker might play on Saturday. Desperately what we've needed. A creative midfielder who can put a cross in. Chelsea Youth team seem chuffed with him.

NM: We've tried everything else at this point, so I'd be perfectly happy to give some lavender-scented talc a go at left-back. Has Lewis McGugan been doing the old 'go missing for 85 minutes then do something brilliant' schtick?

LJ: He's gone back to Watford! Royston Drenthe has also gone back to Reading en route to a distinguished career in China. Of the two Drenthe made more impact. McGugan had good touches but was fairly absent during his loan spell. Can't think of a moment of brilliance from him.

NM: That's our Lewis. We loved him, but boy could that lad be useless. Who should we be looking out for among your lot, then?

LJ: Our defence is a as solid as they come. Tom Lees was a ridiculed signing by Leeds United fans but he's be an absolute rock in central defence. Jeremy Helan plays left-back and left-midfield depending on whether Joe Mattock is fit. He's fast, he can get forward and he can tackle. If you do manage to get past the defence then you've got to get through Keiren Westwood who is quite simply the best keeper we've had in many, many, many years. Hopefully he's back fit for Saturday.

How's Michail Antonio fairing after his blistering start for you?

NM: He's definitely dropped off, but it's a bit unfair to single him out because a) basically everyone else hasn't been any good either and b) Pearce has taken to playing him at left wing-back. A maverick policy, we can all agree. Your guess is as good as mine as to what team and formation we'll play, although Jack Hobbs is back in defence, which should be a boost.

LJ: Interesting positional choice indeed by Psycho. Is he tinkering with the team or is it full blown 'Scrabble tiles in a bag, shake it and see who comes out of the bag first' team selection?

NM: The latter, I fear. The good news is that because of who he is, he might be given enough time to happen upon/figure out something that works, but equally we might just be giving a rubbish manager more time than he deserves.

Incidentally, I make absolutely no promises that I won't embed a clip of the 7-1 in this preview. In the interests of fairness, is there one of your choice you'd like me to stick in?

LJ: A game against Forest? I'm struggling to think of the last time we beat you.

NM: I've looked it up and the last time was in September 2008, thanks to a goal from the great man himself, Etienne Esajas, who I first heard of about ten seconds ago. Maybe you can revive the spirit of Esajas on Saturday.

LJ: A friend of mine once came to a Wednesday game in the away end. He text me to say it was nice that Wednesday announced the player's qualifications before the match. He thought his name was 'A-Level science'. Let's channel Etienne!!

NM: Let's have a prediction then...

LJ: I'm going for a confused 1-1 draw.

NM: That sounds about right. May God have mercy on our souls.

Laura wins the excellent and award-winning blog Yes I Can Explain The Offside Rule. You can follow her on Twitter here.