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Forest beating Derby: a YouTube retrospective

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Ahead of the East Midlands derby on Saturday, we all need a bit of cheering up. So here's a collection of games in which good prevailed, evil was vanquished and Forest beat Derby...

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Derby 0-2 Forest, November 1969

Forest actually have a winning record against Derby overall (it's played 94, W37, D23, L34 if you care/wish to cling onto the past), but most of the older clips floating around the internet seem to be of Derby wins. Not this one though, as Forest bested them lot at the Baseball Ground with goals from Ian Storey-Moore and Barry Lyons. The season would end with Forest in 15th place and Derby in fourth, managed by a Mr B. Clough. One wonders what became of him...

Forest 2-1 Derby, August 1989

There's obviously a whole bunch of absolutely marvellous stuff here, but it's mainly included for the first game, a 2-1 victory early in the 1989/90 season. Actually, that's a lie - it's mainly included for Stuart Pearce wiping out Ted McMinn with extreme prejudice, although unfortunately it doesn't include Psycho's discussion with the referee while receiving a yellow card, in which he stood with hands on the back of his hips, leaning in like he was poring over a particularly complex map. It does include McMinn angrily refusing Pearce's 'apology' though, so that's something.

Derby 0-2 Forest, April 1993

A friend of mine used to get the train with Gary Charles, long after his playing days were over. Nice guy, apparently.  This was between his Bad Times, so he seemed fairly together. It's not a very interesting story, but whenever she would mention him I remembered this game, which I watched on one of the early 'beam backs', where they showed the game on a big screen at the City Ground. All a bit weird, really.

Forest 3-0 Derby, March 2003

A magnificent night, was this. As Forest barreled towards the playoffs and the abysmal heartbreak that would lie within, this came at the perfect time. 3-0 might not particularly class as a demolition, but there were few there that night that wouldn't say the scoreline flattered Derby. As an aside, Marlon Harewood could really take a penalty, couldn't he?

Forest 3-2 Derby, August 2009

We'll probably look back on this as the relative golden days of the post-League One Forest, with this team that at various points that season played some outrageously good football, culminating in going 19 games unbeaten, beating Leicester 5-1 and that utter pasting of West Brom when they were riding high, just after Christmas. It all started with that game though, and specifically Radi Majewski's absolute thriker in the opening minutes. Also enjoyable for Derby conceding a goal thanks to Kris Commons titting about with the ball on the touchline, which earned him a hearty rebuke from Nigel Clough after the game.

Forest 5-2 Derby, December 2010

Now this was a good day. Of course there's the scoreline, and four of the goals being scored by former Derby players, but arguably the most enjoyable moment of the whole game was Kris Commons scoring for Derby. Not the goal of course, but his celebration afterwards, running to the crowd giving it the big one following a lengthy amount of abuse from the Forest fans. Of course, his goal was a deflected free-kick to make the score 4-2 to Forest, so what he thought was 'have that' defiance, turned out just to be incredibly funny. I can't remember ever laughing so hard at the City Ground.

Derby 0-1 Forest, January 2011

This. Now this I enjoyed more than the 5-2. There was something about the way the game built up to Earnshaw's goal that made it an absolutely phenomenal moment of catharsis, a release of tension and pure joy that I've rarely experienced in a football ground before or since. Plus, it was hugely enjoyable to see Earnshaw milk his celebrate like a German maid and take the booking for it.

Forest 1-0 Derby, September 2013

I could never bring myself to dislike Nigel Clough. He did too much as a player and had too much of an emotional connection to Forest for me to ever think ill of the man, which is why the 'non-league Nigel' chants never really sat right. Him simply managing Derby County is not enough to dislike a man, but I didn't feel especially sorry for him after this game, after which he was sacked and Steve McClaren was brought in. And now we find ourselves where we are...