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Match preview: Nottingham Forest V Brighton and Hove Albion

If nothing else, Sami and his boys will be well rested for their trip to Nottingham.

Grant probably won't feature against Brighton but look at his face, just look at his face
Grant probably won't feature against Brighton but look at his face, just look at his face
Julian Finney

Sami Hyypia is a man who clearly values his rest; it consumes his being and torments his soul. In the same way that Christian Bale’s Trevor Reznik is consumed by guilt in ‘The Machinist’, Hyypia cannot free himself from the comforting thought of finding a place to lay his weary head.

After their midweek sojourn to Burton in the League Cup, Hyppia and his Brighton crew played at dirty stop outs and sampled the bright lights of Burton: “It’s a massive benefit [being based at St George’s Park]. There are some who might prefer to be at home – but this facility is great.

“If we’d driven back we’d have had a session with very tired players on Thursday, so it is much better we have stayed up here. Travelling when you are fatigued doesn’t help, so we had a good rest and a lively group in training.”

So apart from the possible return of Gordon Greer to the centre of defence and a glimpse of the infinitely more exciting Liverpool loanee Joao Teixeira, we can expect the Brighton players to be well rested and full of beans.

In terms of Forest, we can reasonably expect a return to first team duty for the usual suspects after the utilisation of largely fringe players at White Hart Lane. David Vaughan may well be called into action if his half time withdrawal is anything to go by in midweek, with Tesche or Osborn likely to step down. But little Benny surely deserves some more game time after his midweek exploits darn in Laaandon.

The Albion have been something of a niggly little thorn in our sides in recent times and should not be underestimated. However, the team visiting the City Ground is a little shy of the obdurate opponents of the last few seasons. One thing that can be guaranteed is that Ulloa will be denied his customary goal at our place…which will be nice.