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How can one wonderful, beautiful man be so unlucky?

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Steve Wigley confirmed on Wednesday night that Chris Cohen has injured his cruciate ligament for the third time. The THIRD time. Truly, this is proof the world is an unfair place...

Chris Brunskill

As soon as it happened we all knew. We knew from the way he went down, from the way he reacted, and from the tears as he went down the tunnel.

Chris Cohen has suffered the third cruciate knee ligament injury of his career, something that in a just world shouldn't happen to your average, normal, nothing special person.

But some cruel fate has determined that Cohen is cursed with fragile knees, and he will be force through yet another recovery process, that you would think will rule him out for the bulk of the season, if not it all.

Steve Wigley confirmed the news after the 5-3 win over Fulham on Wednesday evening.

He said: "Chris, unfortunately, is a cruciate, and that'll be months, which is a real shame, because I don’t think I’ve ever worked with a better professional or a better person.

"We’re all feeling that one a little bit and we hope he has a good recovery, which he will. He'll get his head down, he'll go through the same process as he's done before.

"It’s a blow for Chris, it’s a blow for the football club and it’s a blow for the fans. We know he’ll come back from it, we’ve no doubts whatsoever.

"You can’t put into words how unlucky he’s been but he’s been through it before and he’ll come through it again. We’ll get a fully fit Chris Cohen back."

There was better news about the other players injured against Derby, with Jack Hobbs set for a scan on a foot problem, while Wigley thought Andy Reid would return from his groin injury next week, hopefully in time for the League Cup tie against Spurs.