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Match preview: Nottingham Forest V Fulham

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It's easy to chalk this one down as a routine home banker but David Marples thinks it could be a tricksy little tyke that requires concentration and care.

Laurence Griffiths

Is it too early to be talking about ‘big weeks’ in football?


Is that going to stop us getting all giddy and excited about two seemingly prosaic forthcoming fixtures?

Absolutely not.

You see, it would be just like Forest to step clumsily into a room, trip on a discarded loom band, knock every chair and table down in the style of a domino rally (action alley) and stand sheepishly with their trousers slung around their ankles when faced with a seemingly simple task. We’ve got, what one might call, form in this area. Present us with a gift horse and we’ll challenge it to a staring contest.

It’s been a good start under Stuart Pearce, perhaps better than we dared to dream. However, a glance at the league table going into this fixture suggests that we aren’t the only ones who can indulge in a spot of hardy back–slapping. Being top of the table is nice and all but momentum is just as important and a midweek home game against the club at the foot of the table is a glorious opportunity to step up to the likes of Norwich City and Watford, get right in their grill and tell them to, ‘back off.’

With injuries sustained, Pearce will have to explore the options available to him: bring Lansbury back into a deeper role? Let Paterson have a fleet-footed run around? Keep faith with Tesche and Osborn? Find a role for Fryatt (if fit) up top alongside Britt? Drop Britt? (Just kidding. Put your socks back on.)

This should be one of those ‘routine’ games; perhaps a comfortable 3.0 win for the home team. But as we all know, this game has a habit of kicking you in the groin and tweaking your nose. But a couple of wins from the next two games would cement our reputation as a team to be feared.

…which would be nice.