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Welcome to In The Top One

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This might not be the best Nottingham Forest site in the world, but...

Tony Marshall

Hello. How are you? Hopefully you're well.

Welcome to In The Top One, SB Nation's newest and freshest site about Nottingham Forest. Granted, this is a little like an only child bragging about being their parents' favourite, because there isn't another SB Nation site about Nottingham Forest. But hey, small victories and that.

We didn't start this site because of a frustration about the lack of good Forest writing elsewhere on the internet, because there is loads. We didn't start this site for any noble reason, to right wrongs or crusade against anything in particular. We just thought it would be nice.

Several people will be writing for us, but it will largely be, in alphabetical order, David Marples (@DavidMarples), Nick Miller (@NickMiller79) and Daniel Storey (@DanielStorey85), all of whom have been called idiots and worse on the internet for things they have written before, so we're perfectly happy to receive whatever feedback you would like to offer us.

We're on Twitter, so it would be grand if you could follow us there, and we'll have some more methods of getting in touch in due course.

So we'll be here for a little bit, and we hope you enjoy what we have to say. And if not, there's plenty more football writing on SB Nation to hold your interest.

Thanks for reading.