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Who needs Karl Darlow when we've got Dimi Evtimov? (We do, really)

If Dimitar Evtimov absolutely guarantees he will play like this every weekend, then Newcastle can have him. No! Wait Karl! Come back!

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Despite some silly types decreeing that Karl Darlow should be kicked into the Trent (or something) for having the temerity to be sold to a bigger club/be not quite as good as we want him to be, we've all be slightly worried about Forest's goalkeeping situation.

Firstly, worried because Newcastle's own problems between the sticks with spelling's Jak Alnwick proving a tad over-promoted could mean Darlow is 'recalled' - if one can be 'recalled' to a place you've never played before - at some point soon, but also worried about what comes in the summer, when Darlow definitely does head north to star in Geordie Shore/play for Alan Pardew's boys.

Well, help may be close at hand. Well, based on this very small sample size, anyway. From League Two.

Dimitar Evtimov is, as you may know, on loan at Mansfield, and the baby-faced Bulgarian put in a quite heroic performance at the weekend to keep out AFC Wimbledon, and secure a 1-0 win for the Stags.

And here it is, with some incredibly impressive saves from the young man thrown in with some more straightforward fare. Still, if David De Gea can be praised for saving loads of shots that went straight at him, then we're damn well going to do it for Dimi as well.

Mansfield boss Adam Murray said after the game:

“When we needed him he put his body on the line for us.

“100 per cent that was the best display I’ve seen from a keeper. On days like this you need characters and players to step forward and it made a massive difference for us."

Now, this was only a League Two game, and some of that AFC finishing leaves a bit to be desired, but it does suggest that Forest could have a very talented young keeper on their hands. His showings for our first-team have been a little erratic, but he's only 21. He can learn, and by the look of his performance at the weekend, he very much is doing that.