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Match preview: Nottingham Forest v Leeds United

Ah, the big game between two teams that used to be famous. Nick Miller spoke to Thomas Hill from SB Nation's excellent Leeds site 'Through It All Together' before the game...

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Nick Miller: Never dull at Leeds, is it? Three managers, Cellino sounding off all the time and now a transfer ban (sort of) - what japes!

Thomas Hill: Life is never dull at Leeds, you are spot on. Unfortunately it's usually the outsiders and neutral fans that have more of a laugh. The first appointment by Massimo Cellino was a joke but I've been let down that many times that the pain doesn't affect me anymore. Dave Hockaday is gone and then Neil Redfearn comes in. We start to play some lovely football and of course stay unbeaten so then we replace him with Darko Milanic....sensible I know.

Now we're back to square one again with a young squad and a boss that is trying to get us to play the right way. We've been unlucky/naive so far in recent weeks but I'm still confident we will turn it around. As for Cellino, well I'm split with him. He's said plenty of things and gone against them. The stadium, McCormack and various other ludicrous comments but he's also added plenty of new players to the squad.

Which is a good job due to our transfer embargo, which of course you know all about as well. The jury is still out but I'm expecting more madness at Elland Road.

NM: It's always entertaining to watch Leeds from the outside.  In the last decade or so it's seemed like you're Forest Plus - when something happens to us, it happens to you too...but more so. We have financial problems, you nearly disappear, we get a flamboyant dictator of an owner, you get Cellino...

TH: Of course there's always someone worse off in life but at times from a football perspective we seem like the team that get the wrong end of the stick. I was lucky enough to watch my team play in Europe and I'll never forget that but I was young and would like those memories again...who wouldn't.

There's a few teams that have 'done a Leeds' but no so bad. It's a shame we were the precedent for the fall from grace but I guess we can only learn from our mistakes. I think most people enjoy our demise and that only brings our fanbase together. Everyone hates us (some because they feel left out) and it brings us United....hence why I called our site Through It All Together. I hope one day we comeback and piss everyone off in the process, enough people have enjoyed our downfall.

Forest are another great club and for your history and fanbase you should be up there but like us things go wrong. Your owners seemed out there, we got worse...reading this your theory is spot on! In all honesty we just have to keep fighting as a club, Cellino is baffling at times but what choice do we have? There's some aspects of his ownership I like...others I don't. Our fans get a lot of flack but they're the heartbeat of the club we just need a team and owner all on the same hymn sheet. For now we keep hitting road blocks at every bloody junction!

NM: From the outside it seems like the new Italian players that came with Cellino have been...mixed. Who should we look out for?

TH: From the back Marco Silvestri is a keeper that's impressed since he made the move! He's dyed his hair bright blonde too so you can't miss him. Brilliant shot stopper and commands his box well. Tommaso Bianchi does a decent job in midfield but I'd like to see more from him but the main Italian threat will be through Mirco Antenucci. The striker has a good first touch, an eye for goal and he works his nuts off.

Away from our Italian homies, Lewis Cook, Stephen Warnock, Alex Mowatt and Adryan have all shown they can do the business this season.

NM: Great to see Mowatt doing well, if only because it's (sort of) proving me right: saw him play last season and thought he was going to be a star.

TH: Ah yeah he's some player. I always try not to get carried away with a young player coming through...they usually get sold!  He can pass, shoot and tackle he just lacks pace! That's his only problem. But he's been thrown in the deep end by Redfearn and he's done great! We've done well to blood some young youngsters this season and it's gone down well with the fans.

NM: Let's have a prediction for Saturday, then. I'm going narrow Forest win...

TH: We are such a weird team it's hard to tell! We've beaten Derby, Boro and Bournemouth this season look where they are compared to us! We were flat last week but could have beaten Fulham. I'll go sensible and say 1-1!

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