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In a cruel display of fiscal irony, Forest have won £250,000 to spend on players, a day after being handed a transfer embargo...

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

There's a story about Dave Grohl, of course best known as the man behind metal concept project 'Probot', queuing in a record shop. When he reached the counter, the shop assistant recognised him, and started to ring up a discount on the music he was purchasing.

Grohl stopped him and asked, presumably in a non-douchey way "Do you know who I am?" The clerk replied in the affirmative, so Grohl said "Well you know I don't need a discount then. Give it to the guys behind me."

That sprang to mind after Forest won - or more specifically, Forest fan Shaun Lander won - £250,000 to spend on transfers in some sort of weird raffle run by the Football League and Sky Bet.

The obvious irony is that this comes a day after Forest were given a transfer embargo, which was handed down in the first place for overspending. In this particular situation, perhaps the last thing Forest need is to be encouraged to spend more money.

Still, the embargo doesn't make too much difference, since the Football League very helpfully pointed out that the £250,000 can be used on wages for loan players, as long as we're 'only' shelling out around £12,000-a-week on said player.

Given that Forest are more likely to loan from a Premier League club than a Championship one, this effectively means that what amounts to a £250,000 grant, ostensibly designed to help out a club with lesser means, will go to a top flight side for a player whose value to Forest will be unpredictable and short-term.

The question of why Sky Bet/the Football League would even have this sort of raffle is one worth pondering, too. If you've got £250,000 to give away, why not give it to a club that needs it, rather than one that very clearly doesn't? It's not like they would be short of options if they looked for a side struggling for cash in the Football League, after all. Even splitting that among a number of League One or Two clubs would make a difference to those clubs. It's a publicity stunt dressed up as an altruistic gesture, and it's a nonsense.

Obviously, I reserve the right to abandon this opinion and all of my principles if Forest spend it on a player who gets us promoted.

Still, at least Shaun Lander got to meet Natalie Sawyer and Jim White...