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A Video Tribute To Lars Bohinen

A tribute to your favourite Norwegian, and ours too. It's the king of the dink, Lars Bohinen...

With Forest hosting Blackburn this weekend, we thought it a choice time to relieve the best goals of everyone's favourite Forest Norwegian (or is that Alf-Inge Haaland?) Lars Bohinen. We even almost forgave him for moving to Derby.

Bohinen only stayed at the City Ground for two seasons before leaving for Saturday's opponents Blackburn, but his impact on a nine-year-old boy with stars in his eyes was lasting.

Here are five of the best Forest goals from a midfielder that just seemed to make the most complex of skills or passes look frighteningly easy:

5) Nottingham Forest 2-2 Tottenham, March 1995

4) Nottingham Forest 4-1 Sheffield Wednesday, September 1994

3) Nottingham Forest 3-1 Wimbledon, October 1994

2) Sheffield Wednesday 1-7 Nottingham Forest, April 1995

1) Tottenham Hotspur 1-4 Nottingham Forest, September 1994

All of that within eight months. I need a lie down.